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Staging Your Team’s Escape Room Activity

Escape rooms are famous when it comes to making a team work better while ensuring they don’t feel awkward building connection specially if the team involves a newbie at work.  

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To make sure you ace staging your team activity’s escape room, then you should take note of the things that you should do before, during and after an escape room activity.  


Before proceeding on the game of escape you are hosting you should let everyone know the purpose why this game has been chosen. You should be able to share the goal of the game whether it is for fun alone or for building skills and teamwork.  

Through making the purpose of the game known and sharing the plans you have in mind; you are actually enticing more of your team members to join.  

In hosting an escape room game, you also need to dive into planning more. There are a lot of things that should be put into consideration and thinking because the game should not only be fun but engaging.  

A game of escape also means you need to check on safety precautions too. In order to ensure safety, you need to set definite instructions, rules and prohibitions if needed.  


A game that needs more than one person should be engaging, if not, the fun isn’t really there. Make sure to let each player know that they have the liberty to ask for help if they really need it the most. Make sure that help or hints are available to avoid frustrated players because the level is too difficult for one mind to push through.  

More than the hints, you can also involve kits or materials to help with the escape game while making it more fun and interactive.  


In an escape room game, there is really no guarantee that within the time limit that has been set, all players can finish that’s why you need to ensure that every player has been enjoying the game.  

After a game of escape, when the chase has been unsuccessful, always congratulate the participants. I know we are all a sport however; it is kind of frustrating to not go to the next level and when time cuts off the fun that has just started.  

Make sure to let everyone know what they could have done so that they won’t be left hanging puzzled on what was really the solution. Through this, it can also be a learning opportunity.  

Identify feedback from your players. One where you can improve the game next time or maybe a feedback on how you might have sent an unclear clue or hint. This process is vital specially if you are doing the game to strengthen a team at work.  

Escape room games are fun however if there are too many tasks at work, it can be time consuming to prepare that’s why experts in the digital world have provided alternatives that can help in the accessibility of escape room games. Online escape rooms are available through Through online escape rooms, you can experience a lot of mind training games including logic and even online puzzles. Through escape rooms, almost every brain training game are incorporated in one with a side of fun.  

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Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are fun and a good way to entertain not just your kids but yourself as well. It has also been more convenient through digital platforms because you can now enjoy an

Some virtual escape room games include the following: 


This escape room has been very popular despite its simple gaming format. It is all about a virtual escape mission where you are a part of a group of syndicates that has the goal to unlock a bank’s safe. It involves a lot of timed puzzles that’s why you need to be quick while concise. It may be a typical escape route game but it sure does hook you.  


This game of escape has a fun focused twist. This platform is famous due to the famous book of Harry Potter. The book has been a classic staple through starting a reading habit among kids and teens alike and once you get hooked with Harry’s story, it is never easy to part ways with each character and Hogwarts itself. Through this digital platform, you can live in Hogwarts yourself! Now, if you are a Potterhead, wouldn’t that be living the dream? Through enjoying this game, you also have the liberty to choose to play it on your own or with your other Potterhead friends. More than that, if someone in your group of friends haven’t read Harry Potter, this is a chance to recruit another Potterhead to the group. 


Minecraft is a known game where you can build your own place or survive. The game mentioned is a famous game that kids love and adore. Through playing Minecraft Escape Room, you can imagine yourself to be a part of the design you made and it can be a lot more immersing. More than that, you can definitely ace your math test the next exams because through this game, you are to solve math problems a lot.  


In this game, you will help Oscar who is famous for his fishy character in the Movie Shark Tale to look for his award. Through this, you, your brothers and sisters, your kids or any other company you have, can know more about other species of fish and creatures of the ocean. You will not only be puzzled on how you will step into the next level but you will also be able to experience a vacation tour around the ocean floor without an oxygen tank on your back. 


This escape room game is more focused on educational entertainment and opportunity. It is an escape room that offers virtual fun lessons involving lessons connected with the K12 educational platform. Thus, if you are looking for a game that will enhance your kid’s learning with an aid of fun beyond reading his books then this should be good for you and your family.  

Want to check more virtual escape games online? Go check on! 

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Jewelry Buying and Selling: Appraisal Types

If you have come across a second ownership of a vehicle, for sure you will understand how jewelry prices drop in worth once they have already been used. 

A value of a secondhand jewelry depreciates with its condition, thus if you want to know more why your jewelry decreased in pricing when you asked for the value of it after planning to sell it, then look through the following factors that affects jewelry buying and selling. 

Today, we will talk about types of appraisal and value that are related to jewelry buying and selling. 

1. Retail Replacement Value  

This is mostly known for having the most advantage. When it comes to monetary terms, retail replacement value holds the highest monetary offer. However, there is a given condition with respect to the duration of time that the jewelry is relevant in the market. Factors including the age of jewelry, appearance and origin also counts.  

2. Insurance Appraisal  

This is the type of appraisal that is most common in the jewelry industry. This often relates to a situation of buying a ring for an engagement. Engagement rings are mostly high in value due to its sentimental reasoning and purpose thus having an insurance appraisal is a must to ensure that any issues with the ring is covered in the future. The price in the market when it comes to engagement rings are often in retail. Stores that offer rings for engagement purposes often offer insurance appraisals however if not you can connect with appraisers within the area where you bought the ring as well. 

3. Estate Appraisal  

There is a regulation by IRS that when an object or jewelry is owned by someone deceased, fair market value is applied. For tax purposes or distribution for that matter, an appraisal is needed for the assets of the deceased. 

4. Family Division Appraisal  

When it comes to marital issues, an issue of death within a family, estate, the appraisal type applied is the family division appraisal. Through this appraisal type, assets that are tangible are listed and a fair market value is assigned with respect to the date an examination of the property is done. 

5. Jewelry as Collateral  

Collateral simply means a reassurance or bargain when a person takes a loan, however when it comes to jewelry, banks do not often accept it for a loan collateral. Even if this is the case, jewelry is still accepted by some companies. 

6. Loss of Value Appraisal  

This appraisal is often used or applied by companies that handle insurance. This is often used in situations where the item is lost, destroyed or damaged. In this situation, an established value is presented with respect to the property or jewelry’s condition whether present or in its original condition.  

These terms may be overwhelming to hear when talking about jewelry. You may be someone like me who is more on purchasing and selling but never concern with the in between. If you are, lean on the services presented by professionals to make sure whatever appraisal type is applied, the worth of the jewelry you own is intact. Looking for good gold prices? Connect with 

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